See Morocco As a Few do - Camel trekking in Morocco

There are times and places to see Morocco from a car, and this isn’t one of them. Camel trekking with Morocco Desert Tours is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever. We offer a wide variety of trekking trips in addition to local cultural activities.

Day Trip With Beautiful Mountain Vistas In Morocco

The highest mountain of North Africa, Jbel Toubkal lies in the Atlas, 4,167m above the sea level. Using mules or camels, trekking up to the highest point of Jbel Toubkal to create memories is easy and exciting. Morocco’s best scenic beauty can be captured from this mountain even as you pass through the Berber-occupied traditional villages along the steep trekking path. We assure warm hospitality and comfortable lodging place for the night.

Marrakech Saghro & Sahara (13-day tour)

Get away from the normal and humdrum and do something extraordinary. Mule and camel trekking through the Sahara and Saghro region of Morocco promises warm days, cool nights, and stunning landscapes as you explore the desert and the Anti Atlas. A unique opportunity to experience the vastness and serenity of the mighty Sahara Desert.

Explore Berber Villages In Morocco For Prime Experience

Arriving in Marrakech, you will be met by your guide and transfer to your hotel for the night. Departure to the foot of the massive Jbel Toubkal (60km from Marrakech) in the morning to meet your team of muleteers who come from the village of Imlil. Begin your discovery of the extraordinary landscapes and surrounding Berber villages, meet and greet with friendly local Berber families.

Discover Djebel Siroua 3,500m (8 days / 5 days walk)

From Marrakech, travel to the southern slope of the Atlas mountains to meet with your team of muleteers at the village of Tamalakout. This walk will take you to a number of Berber villages before you make your way up to the summit of Siroua. Key highlights of this tour stunning views villages nestled between mountains and valleys, sheep-pens of the tribe of Ait Ouakoustit, great interaction with the local muleteers team, and the climb up the volcanic summit of Siroua.

Moroccan Camel Trekking Morocco

Our tour gives you the chance to explore the Sahara, lying in the south of Morocco. You can go camel trekking on the desert of Sahara. On the way you will get the chance to view the vastness of the sand dunes, the lush and green oasis and pass by the kasbahs. The human soul is refreshed with the silence, solitude and the vistas through their mystical powers. Spending the night under the sky with nomadic tents as your only shelter and listening to the native stories and music form the locals.

We offer a combination of the modern and traditional travel modes, be it 4X4 or camel trekking. Experience the dunes of Sahara with camel rides at night time. You can also visit the Rose Valley, Road of One Thousand Kasbahs or the Moroccan Hollywood, also the UNESCO world heritage site, at Ait Benhaddou.

Other Activities

Introduction to the Native Languages

Take home more than souvenirs. Learn a little bit of the native Berber language in the Tamazight dialect or pick up a bit of spoken Arabic. A few words and phrases can make a big difference when communicating with the locals who will appreciate your efforts in learning about their culture. Presented informally, these little lessons can literally open doors for travellers in Morocco.

Honey Making

Morocco has a rich history of producing delicious, all-natural local honey. Discover the traditional apiaries and taste something a world apart from what you get at home. Richer and sweeter than anything available in the shops, this is honey as it once was, made from free-roaming bees using pollen from fragrant rooftop gardens.

Hands-on course on Moroccan Pottery and Tadelakt

Visit some of the world’s best examples of an ancient building technique – tadelakt. Learn how earth-made architecture is built and how tadelakt practitioners create the unique, undulating patterns using only natural materials and practices that are hundreds of years old.

Hands-on Moroccan Cooking Class

If you’re a lover of good food, there are few better ways to understand Moroccan culture than through the Moroccan diet. Learn local cooking from accomplished cooks and show off at dinner parties back home with this crash course in the Moroccan kitchen.

Berber families will share their family’s secret recipes – frequently refined over generations into something you just can’t get at a restaurant. Learn to cook some of the country’s traditional dishes, including tagines, savoury and sweet pastillas, Moroccan pastries, traditional breads and so much more. With the ability to sample a bit of everything, you’ll be an expert on Moroccan cuisine in no time.

Argan and Essential Oils Massage

What’s better at relieving pain and removing stress than a massage? Though in the west we’ve only discovered this in recent times, the Berber people have known for centuries. Learn about traditional Moroccan massage therapy and experience the restorative power of a two-hour massage session.

You’ll also learn how to extract argan oil, a Moroccan plant oil that has fantastic cosmetic applications. Experience a traditional steam bath (Hammam) to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Treat yourself to a day of wellness, cleanliness and beauty and feel like a whole new person.


Two levels of rides are available – one for a Beginner and the other being a more challenging track. Get the adrenaline flowing and explore some of the country’s natural beauty with our mountain biking.

Henna Tattoo

Henna – a form of temporary body art using dye prepared from crushed henna leaves – is an ancient tradition in Morocco and throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These ornamental designs are more than just beautiful works of art – henna protects and moisturises skin, nails and hair.

Learn about the significance of certain designs and understand the story many women tell with their henna. Then adorn your own body with henna and marvel at the skill and precision of the local artisans.

An unforgettable journey into Morocco

Morocco Desert Tours offers the chance of a lifetime. Explore one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich countries in the world with help from knowledgeable locals. This isn’t your standard tour. Our range of trips include journeys into the Sahara Desert, and trips to Fes and Marrakech that you won’t get anywhere else.

Explore your world. Contact us through our convenient online form to enquire about booking a tour. With so much on offer and so much to see in Morocco, you’re sure to find the experience of a lifetime!

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